Destination Nye Beach

 It’s easy to shop local here. More than 40 locally-owned businesses and shops line the streets, with some reduced hours in the winter, so check before you go. Stock up on handcrafted art, jewelry, antiques, toys and home decor at shops 

20 reasons to love Newport, funky capital of the Oregon coast #8

 Newport is a funky place. Maybe it’s the colorful sea life, maybe it’s the creepy museums, but the town seems to have a unique kind of character – a great collision of odd attractions, natural beauty and classic qualities of the gritty Oregon coast. 



Katie is a sales associate at Nye Beach Sweets and has worked there since 2015 while also taking classes at Oregon Coast Community College. During her tenure she has worked hard to learn all of the products they sell and does more than what is expected of her. Katie is known for her vibrant, outgoing personality, her knowledge of the local community, and her outstanding customer service.

The owner of Nye Beach Sweets, Rebecah Lutz nominated Katie for this award with great enthusiasm and said “She is an extremely hard worker who doesn’t just stand around waiting to be told what to do. She finds things that need done and gets them done in a timely manner. Katie is quick and can think on her feet to avoid any potential problems. She has a willingness to help those around her when they have questions, assists in training others and is a terrific energetic shift lead. She even calls me when I’ve forgotten to take care of something, volunteering to do it if appropriate. She is the kind of employee that every employer longs to have and wants to clone.”

Congratulations Katie on a job well done and thank you for your service.